Self-service payment solution!

The PowerPay system offers a complete solution for the guest to activate and manage his/her electricity needs. Our solutions automate the whole process. We work with several different solutions, but our main focus is power poles for campsites and marinas.

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Article about PowerPay

Easy to use

The customer scans the QR code with the phone -> confirms payment -> the power is on.

Stop Session -> payment is charged -> amount transferred to campsite. Simple and ingenious.

Less administration

Customers operate their own power supply, and you can use the time for something else.

Reduce power peaks

Camping tourists now use both larger and more advanced caravans. Combined with more electric cars, it causes the guest to consume more electricity than before. A recurring problem on campsites is therefore that fuses blow. With PowerPay, it is also possible to charge for power, which reduces power peaks and then also the chance that a fuse blows.

Charge for actual consumption - also power-based pricing

The guest pays for their actual consumption. The campsite sets the desired price model.

Full controll

With the included monitoring tool, the manager has a full overview of power consumption. All the way down to every single outlet. Get notice if the guest has used maximum capacity over a longer period (indication of, for example, charging an electric car), or in the event of a safety breach.

Guest Value

The guest has the opportunity to see their current power consumption in real time.

Our system is even possible to install in exsiting poles

Contact us for more information about upgrading your existing poles.