PowerPay terms and conditions​

The trademark PowerPay is owned by the Norwegian company IOT Solutions AS, org. nr. 916569807, Lumberveien 27, 4621 Kristiansand (hereinafter PowerPay). These terms and conditions regulate all purchases through PowerPay. By using PowerPay, you accept these terms and conditions.

PowerPay offers paid access to electricity at camping sites, boat harbors and for charging electric cars on behalf of the owner of the facility though an app on your phone.

To use the services provided by PowerPay, you need to register a personal account with password. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information given is correct and updated. Your user account is personal and cannot be shared or transferred to others. If you suspect that unauthorized access has been made to your user account, you must immediately alert PowerPay about this and change your password. PowerPay reserves the right to close the service or take reasonable steps to avoid misconduct. If you want to terminate this agreement, you may do so by deleting your user account. Any paid amount will not be refunded.

PowerPay is a sales agent for the owner of the facility and all purchases is a binding agreement between the you as the customer and the owner of the facility. Prices will be displayed at the facility, in the app or by other means. By accepting these terms and conditions you allow that PowerPay sends your data to the owner of the facility to the extent that is necessary to carry out the agreement between the customer, the owner of the facility and PowerPay.

PowerPay utilize the capacity of the local power grid at the location so that all customers are provided with the most output possible. However, the capacity may be restricted by fuses, power cables, other uses of the electricity or by the total amount of power available to the facility. Because of this, the power at a specific outlet may be reduced or shut down for periods of time.

Customers may only connect legally approved equipment and equipment that does not draw more power then allowed at the actual power outlet. Any damage caused to the facility’s equipment or the customer due to errors of usage or error on the customers equipment is the customers responsibility. The customer is liable for any damage.

PowerPay gives access to electricity by use of a QR code. When the QR code is activated in the PowerPay app and the customer has registered the necessary payment information, the power outlet will start delivering electricity. When the plug is removed from the outlet, the delivery stops, and the cost will be debited from your account. By using the services, you accept that PowerPay may debit your account/credit card with the cost according to the prices at the actual outlet for the service or product that you buy.

PowerPay may also deliver other products or services that is activated by use of a QR code on behalf of the facility. By activating such a QR code the customer accepts to pay for the product/service by PowerPays app. Such products or services may also be sold by the facility, to PowerPay whom sells it directly to the customer.

Any complaint or notice of default shall be made to the owner of the facility. PowerPay is not responsible for any of the products or services delivered by the owner of the facility.