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IoT Solutions inngår et nytt samarbeid: En banebrytende allianse med Eastron Europe



In a world where technology is continuously transforming how we live and work, IoT Solutions has announced an exciting new collaboration with Eastron Europe, a leading high-tech manufacturer and supplier of MID approved energy meters. They are a recognized player in the energy monitoring industry and this collaboration marks an important milestone for both companies. Eastron Europe is known for its extensive range of energy meters for every purpose and size and has a proud history of designing and manufacturing systems that not only improve energy consumption but also contribute to a more sustainable future. With Eastron’s vision, “To Create Value and Build Relationships with Our Partners”, they have established themselves as a preferred partner in over 50 countries globally. With over 200 employees and an impressive 2.5 million units delivered worldwide, Eastron is a powerhouse in energy monitoring.


Expertise and innovation for the future energy overview


IoT Solutions, for its part, has for years been a central player within IoT solutions, where they have focused on integrating advanced technology to simplify and improve daily life and work processes. Their product, Allmy.energy, has already attracted attention in the industry and is seen as a game-changer by Eastron. Now it is ready for a strong partnership that will ooze expertise and innovation, which the team at Lumber Teknopark is looking forward to getting started on.


IOT Solutions started using Eastron meters in the payment solution PowerPay already in 2021, because they needed good, MID approved meters. IOT Solutions has now installed many thousands of meters with good experience. As a result, the collaboration has been extended to being Eastron’s official distributor in Norway and Sweden. This role was officially marked with a visit from two of Eastron’s contact persons at IoT Solutions on 7 December. On this day, IoT Solutions invited its industry colleagues and partners to a gathering called “Energy Day” and at the same time marked the opening of their new office premises. – Having Eastron present at our Energy Day was not only an honor for us at IoT Solutions, but it was also an important demonstration of the common vision and commitment that we share, says general manager Børre Tharaldsen. The day was filled with lectures, demonstrations and a pleasant atmosphere, with around 45 participants testifying to the importance of this event. It was also an opportunity for Skeiegruppen to showcase its award-winning building at Lumberveien 27, which has won the recognition “Building of the Year” for its innovative design and sustainable solutions. During the visit, IoT Solutions also showed off its demo of PowerPay, a product that has received a lot of attention for its potential in the energy monitoring market.


International ambitions


The new partnership bodes well for the future, as both companies look forward to taking market share together. Eastron is focusing on launching in the USA in 2024 and further exploration of the external energy monitoring market. For IoT Solutions, this is an alliance that will undoubtedly make waves in the industry. Both companies are keen to explore international cases together, and look forward to the opportunities that this collaboration will bring. With a shared vision to harness technological advances for a more sustainable and efficient future, it is clear that the collaboration between IoT Solutions and Eastron Europe represents a significant step forward for both parties.


More information about this exciting collaboration is expected to be published in the coming months, and there is great interest from the industry in following developments. This is not only a huge deal for the companies involved, but also for the energy and technology industry as a whole, as it represents a new era of collaboration and innovation. IoT Solutions is looking forward to an exciting journey with Eastron Europe on the team.

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